Sherrié Savage | Illustrator. Designer. Creator.

Sherrié Savage | Illustrator. Designer. Creator.

Sherrie Savage is an illustrator and graphic designer who enjoys sharing her life’s journey through her drawings. After beginning her natural hair journey in 2013, Sherrie was inspired to sketch her hairstory in 2015 to encourage other women and young girls to celebrate their natural tresses.

The Naturally ILLustrated Hairstory was born in 2016, which uses illustrations as a creative tool to educate and promote self-love to black women and children. Naturally ILLustrated is a series of black and white illustrations that reflect curls, coils and kinky hair types, which are coupled with a number of coloring events that are coordinated for men and women of all ages.

Sherrie Savage was featured in Southfield Sun [2014], Blac Magazine [Sept and Dec 2016] and Southfield Cable 15 [2017].

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